36x18 inches

"The Bridge"

 This one took several sessions of painting to get to where it is at now, but I really enjoyed the process and love how it turned out.  Sometimes paintings just come naturally and it just flows easily start to finish, other times not so easy the first try.  I've learned to work past the "misses" and accept that as part of my process. Some of my favorite paintings that I've done came from continuing to paint over something I wasn't happy with. 

The name of this painting came from a talk I had with my friend Michele. She started talking about seeing it as some departure into the afterlife and pointed out how she sees a bridge - I didn't even see it there until she started talking about it. The whole painting changed to me as soon as I saw the bridge! It's funny how someone pointing out something can change my whole perception of my own painting! I gained a whole new appreciation for this one. It's so great hearing how other people perceive the same thing I painted, that is one of the things I am beginning to love about creating abstract art.

 Every time I look at this one, that's what I see now - The Bridge.